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Julie Wessels Julie Wessels Julie started working at Sensory Kidzone in 2017. She is a mother and has developed a playful manner with children, making her a valuable member of our team. Julie can also be seen lending a hand swinging the children, etc. Edit | Details | Delete
Robyn Turnbull Robyn Turnbull Robyn achieved her BSc. Occupational Therapy degree in 2012. She joined her 2 passions Occupational Therapy and horses in her work, as she incorporates Hippotherapy as a treatment strategy. Edit | Details | Delete
Gerda de Geer Gerda de Geer Gerda is a passionate clinician who is qualified in Ayres Sensory Integration and Therapeutic Listening.                                 After qualifying from UP in 2008 and completing her community service year Gerda joined the private sector in 2010.  Here she received mentorship, gaining new knowledge and experience in sensory integration as well as alternative treatment methods. This led her to complete her certification in the Ayres’ Sensory Integration method as well as Therapeutic Listening. She gained experience working with children with hearing impairments while working at Eduplex School in Pretoria. She also facilitated group therapy sessions at a frail care unit. She managed her own paediatric private practice for five years, prior to relocating to Cape Town.                                 Apart from being a passionate clinician, Gerda also enjoys educating and promoting sensory processing and integration and has been a guest speaker on “Great Expectations” (eTV) and presented at a teachers’ conference and hosted workshops for teachers and parents on relevant topics. Edit | Details | Delete
Patricia Martin Patricia Martin Patricia Martin is a loyal friend of Ray Anne and has been doing Ray Anne’s accounts since 1994. Patricia continues to bring a nurturing and helpful ambiance to our team. Edit | Details | Delete
Ray-Anne Cook Ray-Anne Cook Ray Anne Cook is the director of Sensory Kidzone. Ray Anne has a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy where her topic was on sensory processing and ADHD. Edit | Details | Delete
Lisa Barnard Lisa Barnard Lisa Barnard is an Ayre’s Sensory Integration® Certified Occupational Therapist. She graduated in 2006 from UTC and achieved her Master’s Degree in early childhood intervention in 2010. Edit | Details | Delete